Hello I’m a Spiritual Life Coach with “Miracle Workers Network, my name is Therese Hasan. I have reinvented myself with the spiritual principles I will be sharing with you. The good news is I have walked a mile in your shoes. I have been on both sides of the fence and I am still a work in progress. I work at healing my life daily as I help others to do the same. When I help others I help myself. As you become a miracle work in your life and the lives of others, it will become a way of life for you too. When we were born, we knew nothing of emotional pain. We learned it from our life experiences. Our caregivers are not to blame. We are all the victims of victims. We have all heard the term “dysfunctional family” with its neglect and abuse that occurred regularly. Those of us who grew up with these dysfunctions saw our world as normal. We passed those behaviors on to our children.

If you are like me you have gotten to a place in life where you want to break the cycles. Miracle Workers Network is here to help you improve your daily life.

Please Contact me to get started, or just to talk.