Angry, Because No One Seem To Be Agreeing With Me

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When you read this title many of you laughed, because you can identify, been there right? Lol. There was a particular topic that was upsetting me on a daily bases. I would start a conversation with people to get there take on it, to me they saw it from left field. I would shake my head and wonder why no one else could see the elephant in the living. I felt that it was me against the world when it came to this topic. I was talking to my son one evening and of course I brought the topic up. I got angry not at him but my frustration, once again another person that could not see it through my eyes, not even close. He left the room, surely he thought his mother was going crazy. I went to bed that night and woke up feeling heavy-hearted about how the conversation ended with my son the night before. I laid there closed my eyes and the Holy Spirit, said, “You see it this way because you have been chosen to be the one to make the difference in this matter.” It wasn’t about getting some one to agree with me. I smiled, and I new that was what I was to do. I felt relieved and the heavy heart was lifted. So, if you are angry, because no is agreeing with you, connect with your inner self, that third eye.

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