Do Not Assume

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To Assume is to make and Ass out of U and Me, the thoughts and actions of assuming is never ever positive. The negative thoughts will take you to the worse case scenario. When we recognize that our thought are going south Stop! Give the person or situation the benefit of the doubt. Example: You call your loved one and they do not call you back in the timely manner you are accustom to. Negative thoughts are the first line of defense, thought like,” What did I do, that he/she is not calling me back, I know what it is we begin to fish for negative reasons for them not calling’ or Text them, asking why they have not called.” Stop once you realize you are thinking negatively. Reason with your thoughts, after all it’s during working hours he/she will call when they gets a chance they always do. No patting your foot or watching each minute on the clock. Some times these practices have to be repeated, because you are replacing and old way of thinking with a new idea.

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