My Mom Is My Hero

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My Mom is the stongest and bravest woman I know and I am the prodical child. Every family has one. I was gone away from my Mom, children and family for over 15 yrs with no contact. My Stepdad was a man of God, so is my Mom and most of my family. One day out of the clear blue my Stepdad told my Mother that I was going to call, after 15 yrs,I called. I heard stories about how people would suggest that maybe I was dead, after all those years. My Mom and my sister stood strong in there faith saying “If she was dead the Lord would have told me.” During my generation there was a popular gospel song and the lyrics said, “Someone prayed for me had me on there mind, took the time to pray for me.” I know that my Stepdad, Mom and family prayed me out of lifestyle I was living. When I came home my Stepdad, Mom, children,and family embraced me with love and the rest is history. My Mom is the matriarh and she’s my hero!

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