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I have waited for this moment for along time, reuniting with my children who were adopted. One of the four said, ” You said you wanted to be a part of my life, ‘Don’t you feel like there should be some type of explanation as to what happen to my life, what happen to the mother that gave birth to me?”

“Please forgive me.” We are all victims of victims to one degree of another. To relieve my mind of all the hurt, pain and abandonment I experienced as a child. I turned to alcohol and drugs to escape life. I did not like the skin I was in. After being hospitalize many times for manic depression, I was diagnosed as bipolar. I was in psychotherapy, and one on one sessions for over 10 years. Mentally I was unemployable. It was like I was paralyzed and had to have therapy to learn to us my limbs again. Yes I thought of you all often. When I would talk about contacting you all, my team of doctors advised that I should not interfere in your lives, fearing that it would be to overwhelming for me. Today I do not do drink alcohol or do drugs. I do takes medication for bipolar/depression. I am in counseling, she’s like a best friend. She talks to me not at me, she also encourages and me. It’s important to have that balance in relationships with people. Now that I have a healthy mind, I have a job I like and I volunteer at a shelter for women and children. I have a need be a positive mother figure to the women and there children, I share my experiences, to encourage them to not that the road I did. I Love You All!

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